History of Annwn

Annwn began in 2005 as a solo studio project of Owain ap Arawn. Shortly after releasing the first demo, “From The Highest Citadel”, Owain recruited Martin Neary as a drummer and Gavin Williams as an additional guitarist. Over the next year keyboardists and bassists came and went as Annwn played their first live shows and recorded a new demo, simply titled “Annwn”. A permanent keyboardist was found in James Radcliffe during 2008. Various musicians shared bass duties at live shows over the next few years, including Mark Wood of Manchester-based black metal band Winterfylleth and Peter “The Pendragon” Passingham of Shieldwall fame.

Gavin Williams and Martin Neary both left the band in 2010. Paul Templing of Sorcerer's Spell stepped in as a replacement guitarist but a replacement drummer could not be found. Annwn announced they would cease to play live for the foreseeable future and their final show was an acoustic set at the Fires of Rebellion Night in Nottingham. New drummer Julian Foster joined the band after this as a recording drummer.

In 2015, Annwn released their long awaited EP "Idris Awaits" and took to the stage for a one-off performance at Warhorns Festival 2015. At this time, Julian Foster departed from the band, with The Bearer and The Dreamer of Old Corpse Road filling in at the concert on bass and drums respectively.

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